The world cheapest solar heater, that really works !

Produce your own energy and save money, with Sunberry

Assemble your own Sunberry solar panel, plug and start, Sunberry app give you live feedback on the solar power you make and money you save.

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Low cost/Low tech

Sunburry cost near nothing. It pays for itself in less than 6 months ! Switch to solar energy has never been so easy and efficient.

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High efficiency

The sun give you 1.000 Watt of power for each square meter. Our solar collector transform up to 60% of this free energy into heat for your house and your bath.

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DIY and Opensource

Easy to make yourself panels with easy to find parts, easy to install. The Sunberry App control your collector and let you visualize in realtime your energy production and savings.

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Join the Community

Solar Makers community forum opening soon. Get an alert.


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Travail d'équipe

Fabrication des premiers prototypes entre amis le temps d'un week-end.